Linux programming VIVA QUESTIONS

Linux programming VIVA QUESTIONS

1. Define Unix?
* To develop an o/s that could serve a large community of users & allow them to share data when ever they require.
2. Define Linux?
* It is a freely distributed implementation of unix like kernel, the low level core of an o/s.
3. What is an Operating System?
* It is a s/w program design to act as an interface b/w user & the computer.
4. List types of o/s ?
* Single user o/s, Multi user o/s, Network o/s.
5. Define features of Linux?
* Multi user capability, Multi task capability,
Communication, Security, Portable.
6. What is Kernel & Shell?
* Kernel is an o/s that provides services like file s/m , memory mgt, CPU scheduling, I/O mgt.
* Shell is an mediator or command interpreter.
7. List types of Shells?
* Bourne shell, C shell, Korn shell.
8. Define Vi editor?
* Vi is text editor.
9. List modes of vi editor?
* Command mode, Insert mode, Exit mode.
10. What is Process?
* A program in execution.
11. List types of Process Status?
* Fore ground process, Back ground process.
12. Define awk?
* It is a powerful native text & manipulation utility.
13. What is sed?
* It is a stream editor & multipurpose tool which combines the work of several filters.
14. What is Script?
* It is a textual form.

15. Define Shell Script?
*A group of commands which stored in one file called Shell script.
16. Define pipe?
* It is a buffer & stores o/p of one action as an i/p to another action.
17. List i/p & o/p redirections?
* Standard i/p, Standard o/p, Standard error.
18. Define Stream& Here document?
* It is simply a sequence of bytes.
* It is a way of passing i/p to a cmd from a shell script.
19. What are Shell MetaCharacters?
* File name Substitution, I/O Redirection,
Process Execution, Quoting Meta characters,
Positional parameters, Special characters.
20. Define Shell Variable?
*It provides ability to store & manipulate information with in the shell program.

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