Objective :

Electrical measurements course introduces the basic principles of all measuring instruments. It also deals with the measurement of RLC parameters voltage, current Power factor, power, energy and magnetic measurements.

UNIT-I Measuring Instruments

Classification – deflecting, control and damping torques – Ammeters and Voltmeters – PMMC, moving iron type instruments – expression for the deflecting torque and control torque – Errors and compensations, extension of range using shunts and series resistance. Electrostatic Voltmeters-electrometer type and attracted disc type – Extension of range of E.S. Voltmeters.

UNIT –II Instrument transformers

CT and PT – Ratio and phase angle errors – design considerations Type of P.F. Meters – dynamometer and moving iron type – 1-ph and 3-ph meters – Frequency meters – resonance type and Weston type – synchroscopes.

UNIT –III Measurement of Power

Single phase dynamometer wattmeter, LPF and UPF, Double element and three element dynamometer wattmeter, expression for deflecting and control torques – Extension of range of wattmeter using instrument transformers – Measurement of active and reactive powers in balanced and unbalanced systems.

UNIT –IV Measurement of Energy

Single phase induction type energy meter – driving and braking torques – errors and compensations – testing by phantom loading using R.S.S. meter. Three phase energy meter – trivector meter, maximum demand meters.

UNIT – V Potentiometers

Principle and operation of D.C. Crompton’s potentiometer – standardization – Measurement of unknown resistance, current, voltage.

A.C. Potentiometers: polar and coordinate types standardization – applications.

UNIT – VI Resistance Measurements

Method of measuring low, medium and high resistance – sensitivity of Wheatstone’s bridge – Carey Foster’s bridge, Kelvin’s double bridge for measuring low resistance, measurement of high resistance – loss of charge method.

UNIT –VII A.C. Bridges

Measurement of inductance, Quality Factor - Maxwell’s bridge, Hay’s bridge, Anderson’s bridge, Owen’s bridge. Measurement of capacitance and loss angle - Desauty bridge. Wien’s bridge – Schering Bridge.


Magnetic Measurements:

Ballistic galvanometer – equation of motion – flux meter – constructional details, comparison with ballistic galvanometer. Determination of B-H Loop methods of reversals six point method – A.C. testing – Iron loss of bar samples– core loss measurements by bridges and potentiometers.


1. Electrical Measurements and measuring Instruments – by E.W. Golding and F.C. Widdis, fifth Edition, Wheeler Publishing.

2. Electrical & Electronic Measurement & Instruments by A.K.Sawhney Dhanpat Rai & Co. Publications.


1. Electrical Measurements – by Buckingham and Price, Prentice – Hall

2. Electrical Measurements by Harris.

3. Electrical Measurements: Fundamentals, Concepts, Applications – by Reissland, M.U, New Age International (P) Limited, Publishers.


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