Unit – I: Preliminaries:

Necessity of EHV AC transmission – advantages and problems–power handling capacity and line losses- mechanical considerations – resistance of conductors – properties of bundled conductors – bundle spacing and bundle radius- Examples.

Unit – II: Line and ground reactive parameters:

Line inductance and capacitances – sequence inductances and capacitances – modes of propagation – ground return - Examples

Unit – III: Voltage gradients of conductors:

Electrostatics – field of sphere gap – field of line changes and properties – charge – potential relations for multi-conductors – surface voltage gradient on conductors – distribution of voltage gradient on sub-conductors of bundle – Examples.

Unit – IV: Corona effects – I:

Power loss and audible noise (AN) – corona loss formulae – charge voltage diagram – generation, characteristics - limits and measurements of AN – relation between 1-phase and 3-phase AN levels – Examples.

Unit – V: Corona effects – II:

Radio interference (RI) - corona pulses generation, properties, limits – frequency spectrum – modes of propagation – excitation function – measurement of RI, RIV and excitation functions – Examples.

Unit – VI: Electro static field:

Electrostatic field: calculation of electrostatic field of EHV/AC lines – effect on humans, animals and plants – electrostatic induction in unenergised circuit of double-circuit line – electromagnetic interference-Examples.

Unit- VII: Traveling wave theory

Traveling wave expression and solution- source of excitation- terminal conditions- open circuited and short-circuited end- reflection and refraction coefficients-Lumped parameters of distributed lines-generalized constants-No load voltage conditions and charging current.

Unit –VIII: Voltage control:

Power circle diagram and its use – voltage control using synchronous condensers – cascade connection of shunt and series compensation – sub synchronous resonance in series capacitor – compensated lines – static VAR compensating system.


1. EHVAC Transmission Engineering by R. D. Begamudre, New Age International (p) Ltd.

2. HVAC and DC Transmission by S. Rao


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