Production and Operations Management syllabus

Production and Operations Management (Syllabus)

The Objective of the course is to enable students to understand the production Planning and Controlling aspects of a typical production and operations organization. To study understand the concepts of work study and Quality management.

1. Introduction: Overview of Production and Operations Management (POM) Function,

Historical Development of POM, POM scenario Today.

2. Product and Process Design: Product and Process Development, Manufacturing Process Technology, CAD/CAM,

3. Facilities Management: Location of Facilities, Layout of Facilities, Optimization of

Product/Process Layout, Flexible Manufacturing and Group Technology.

4. Aggregate Planning: Preparation of aggregate demand Forecast, Specification of Organizational Policies for Smoothing Capacity Utilization, Determination of feasible Production Alternatives and Determination of Optimal Production Strategy.

5. Scheduling: Scheduling In Job, Shop Type Production, Shop- Loading, Assignment and Sequencing, Scheduling In Mass, Continuous and Project Type Production, Line balancing Lob, Methods of Production Control.

6. Work Study : Method Study, Work measurement, Work Design, Job Design, Work Sampling, Industrial Engineering Techniques.

7. Productivity: Basic Concepts, Productivity Cycle, Productivity Engineering and Management, Total Productivity Model.

8. Quality management: Economics of Quality Assurance Inspection and Quality Control, Acceptance Sampling, Theory of control charts, control charts for variables and control charts for attributes -Total Quality Management - ISO 9000 series standards, Six Sigma.


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